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omg, who is she!?

Hi! My name is Sophie Ciardullo (if you haven't figured that out yet). I'm from Oakville, Ontario, and am currently in my fourth year of Computer Engineering! I've extended my degree to 5 years to allow me to comfortably fit in a minor in economics while maximizing my involvement within the MacEng community, and I will be completing a 16-month coop term at Hatch Ltd. throughout the Summer 2021-Summer 2022 academic terms.

Some hobbies that I've carried with me throughout my life are crafting (painting, drawing, anything of the sorts), swimming, reading, and re-watching the same 2 shows on Prime (namely The Office and Supernatural). I also just started a small business in January (check it out)! My friends would describe me as vibrant, supportive, and addicted to iced coffee.




In my (almost) four years in MacEng, the clubs and teams I've been a part of have entirely shaped my experience so far. In my first year, I participated in intramural innertube waterpolo and started my MacEng involvement as a general member of the MES culture committee.


In my second year, I held the position of VP Flush for the MES culture committee and volunteered as a Welcome Week Rep for the Faculty of Engineering! I also volunteered for Women In Eng and the Faculty Recruitment team at open house events, one-on-one shadow events for prospective students, and high school presentations about MacEng.

In my third year, I took the leap I had been scared of for two years and auditioned for the MacEng musical cast! I happily made it on cast and played the role of Emma Withakay in the production of the Engelorette (although it sadly never made it to the stage, RIP). In this same year, I began to further my involvement with the MES through the position of ECE Representative on the MES council. And again, I was a Welcome Week Rep for Engineering!

Now, coming up to my fourth year, I've rejoined musical cast and repped for this past Welcome Week again. In addition, I am also one of the three Social Media & Website coordinators for the MES! My specialization in this role has been for the Website (check it out)! I've also taken on the role of being a Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Engineering, and I'm on the Planning Committee for this upcoming Welcome Week! 


Sooo, I've thrown a LOT of words at you. But, what makes me suitable for this role specifically? My first point is that I have a passion for advertising and communicating with people. Wanting to further my involvement with the MES, this is the perfect position for me to do both of these things. Working directly with this year's VP Communications and the Advertising team as a whole has been a really rewarding experience that I hope to further indulge myself in for this coming year.


I also have a lot of experience with the MES, both from the inside and out. I am familiar with how things are run, the general schedule of important dates throughout the year, and who to contact regarding different concerns. This would be exceptionally helpful in the role of VP Communications since the role involves so much, well, communication, with other people for both Advertising and Publications. I am also looking forward to reaching out to people directly to hear their thoughts as I've already been doing recently. I've taken feedback that I've been given and turned it into action items which can be found in my Platform, and I plan to carry out these action items and continue putting forward change in how things are done and communicated.

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