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Thank you for taking the time to learn about my campaign! My platform is sorted into three main values (outreach, cohesion, and simplicity), which are then split into sub-points. I encourage you to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding any of my platform points!

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 OUTREACH #1: direct communication

With everything going on in our lives and with how active people are on social media, it's easy for the MES posts to get lost in the sauce. It becomes an expectation for YOU to check the MES socials to discover and be reminded about new events, conferences, and open applications.

I believe it's a fair assumption that, unless your post notifications are turned on (and even then), it's hard to keep up with the posts. For this reason, I want to implement a more direct form of contact and announcement. As VPC, I plan to implement a communication system via email which will be treated as a social media responsibility. On a subscription basis, the same information being posted on the MES socials will be sent directly to your email of choice so you can receive up-to-date emails on the topics you're interested in.

The structure of the email system would be very open to input, and as a basis the updates would be sorted into the following categories:

1. A general, weekly email with a summary of all MES updates for the week prior

2. New Conferences & Competitions

3. New Events being run by an MES Committee or affiliated student organization

4. Open applications for positions on the MES, MES Committees, or affiliated student clubs/organizations

5. MES Help sessions and Updates regarding Academic Resources

6. Publication updates: Handbook, Frequency, Plumbline

outreach #2: feedback

I really want to hear feedback on how we can improve throughout the year, although I'm aware not everyone is keen to fill out a form or send off an email. To provide a simpler and more frequent opportunity to receive feedback from the students of MacEng, I plan to make use of the feedback feature on Instagram. Through this feature I would like to pose a specific question to guide responses, as well as an open-ended question for any general questions or concerns.

I hope to additionally implement this opportunity through the email system, by providing a one-question form in the general weekly email containing the same question from the Instagram account. 



cohesion #1: consistency in branding

One simple but important point for my platform is that I plan to continue using the branding standards put in place by this year's VP Communications. The elements, fonts, and colours encompass MacEng well, and I plan to move forward with consistency through the 2021-2022 academic year.

A large part of maintaining consistency throughout the year is requesting branded advertisements from affiliated clubs/teams. To accomplish this, the branding standards would be made available on the MES website, and it would be an additional requirement for anyone submitting advertisements that they must follow the branding standards.


To offset the extra amount of work that this may seem for the affiliated clubs, I would hope to have more graphic designers on the advertising committee to be able to create more advertisements. By having more people on the team, we can offer to make advertisements for affiliated clubs rather than requiring them to send their own.

What this change would look like, rather than requiring advertisements with two weeks notice, would be to require branded advertisements with one week notice, or to offer for the advertisement to be made if given two weeks notice.





One thing that I plan to create is a LinkTree! This would contain links to important and most-used website page, as well as direct links to any surveys or forms. The LinkTree would be available through all social media platforms and included at the bottom of every email. My hope is that this will provide an easy way to access all of the "link in bio!" links so you don't have to travel to the website to search for them.

SIMPLICITY #2: summary posts

In addition to the email summaries and the posts on the social media platforms, I would like to post a summary of the week's events on the Instagram story. This would essentially contain the same information as the weekly email, generally summarizing the new events, conferences, publications, etc. 

While the social media platforms and email platforms may seem redundant, the goal is to provide variety to MacEng students to allow everyone to access the information in the way that they prefer. Since the social media platforms are on a following basis and the email system would be run on a subscription basis, there is no requirement to receive either or both.

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